What flamingo are you?!

Looking for something lighthearted to do when you’re keeping safe and staying indoors? What to channel your inner “pink bird”? Keen to find out which flamingo really knows you best?

Well look no further than our scientifically accurate*, completely authentic** flamingo personality quiz!

Which characteristics match you best? Choose from the descriptions below and click on a link to find out which flamingo is most like you!

* Not entirely true.
** Erm, probably not true here either.

Flamingo 1

1: I love wearing bold colours to stand out from the crowd

2: I like to paddle on the beach and enjoy a lounge in the sun

3: I prefer a summer holiday than a winter one

4: I always have lots to say and I like to chat as much as I can.

I think I am Flamingo 1!

Flamingo 2

1: I am relaxed and generally take life as it comes. No dramas here!

2: I enjoy hanging out with specific friends that I know well but I also like to know my neighbours too

3: I really like hiking and walking in the mountains or other high places

4: I don’t mind the cold. In fact, I prefer it to being too hot!

I think I am Flamingo 2!

Flamingo 3

1: I like neutral shades with the occasional splash of colour

2: I am like to be well travelled and I am happy visiting many different places and environments

3: I don’t mind being part of a big crowd, but I can get annoyed if others get a bit too close to me

4: I find that I am always looking for excuses to put on my make-up.

I think I am Flamingo 3!

Flamingo 4

1: I LOVE having as many friends as possible

2: I just have to go out dancing as often as I can

3: I like to change into my best clothes whenever I get to go dancing

4: I can be quiet and shy, but when my friends are round, I don’t care who sees me!

I think I am Flamingo 4!

Flamingo 5

1: Red and yellow really are my favourite colours

2: I don’t like to give too much away and in social situations I can keep my cards quite close to my chest.

3: I do enjoy a good dance, but I find that my dance moves are always different to those of my friends

4: I can be annoyed by bad manners and other people not being respectful of me and my personal space.

I think I am Flamingo 5!

Flamingo 6

1: I go for bold and contrasting colours that really make an impression. I am a big fan of colourful socks!

2: When I go on holiday, it would be to the hills or mountains, rather than anywhere too hot

3: I like to be part of a group and will normally be found with a crowd of friends that I know well

4: I don’t like change and I much prefer things to stay exactly the way they are.

I think I am Flamingo 6!