Tough Birds, Fragile Homes.

The theme for International Flamingo Day 2022 is Tough Birds, Fragile Homes. We shine a spotlight on the amazing adaptations of the flamingo and show how the wetlands they exist in might be harsh and inhospitable environments, but they are actually extremely susceptible to damage and degradation from human activities.

See our International Flamingo Day free downloads on these amazing birds and their incredible wetland homes below.

Fantastic flamingo features!

How do flamingos cope with these challenging wetlands?

Available as a pdf to download here

Flamingo wetlands can be…

Find out more about the characteristics of wetlands around the world that flamingos frequent.

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Who lives where?

Find out more about some important “flamingo wetlands” around the world.

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Why are flamingo wetlands fragile?

Around the world, different pressures are causing challenges for those managing flamingo wetlands. Some pressures, such as climate change, affect all flamingo habitats (and human homes too). Find out some of the reasons why flamingo wetlands are fragile in the graphic below.

Available as a pdf to download here.

Special entry into the WWT Flamingo Diary!

How do flamingos cope with extreme wetlands?
Where are these birds found?
What feathery feats do they perform to be successful in their habitats?
How are these amazing animals and their wonderful wetland homes threatened?

Find out more in the Tough Birds, Fragile Homes edition of the WWT Flamingo Diary.