Flamingo 2019

Complete version available to download free here (as a pdf file): Flamingo volume e2 2019 complete version. 


List of individual papers

Paper 1
R. Torres, P. Marconi, L.B. Castro, F. Moschione, G. Bruno, P. L. Michelutti, S. Casimiro & E.J. Derlindati
New nesting sites of the threatened Andean flamingo in Argentina

Paper 2
Y. Castillo Aguas & J. Hernández Rangel
Description of the behavioural activities of the Caribbean flamingo in the Wildlife Refuge and Fishing Reserve Ciénaga Los Olivitos

Paper 3
A. Garrido, A. Labastida, M.J. Tabasco & I. Ku
Current progress of the Caribbean flamingo conservation programme in Mexico

Paper 4
F. Espinoza & L. Torres
Caribbean flamingo breeding at Olivitos Wildlife Refuge and Fishing Reserve, Zulia, Venezuela

Paper 5
J.E. Brereton & P.E. Rose
Comparing behaviour of wild and captive flamingos: An evaluation of published data on time-activity budgets

Paper 6
S.B. Khan & S. Javed
How an artificial island in a man-made inland wetland aided successful nesting of the greater flamingo in the desert ecosystem of Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

Paper 7
L. Conrad
Kamfers Dam flamingo incident 2019: Collaborative conservation

Feature photo essay
M. Moloney
Relationships between Caribbean flamingos in a colony on Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

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