Flamingo 2018

Flamingo 2018 is here!

The complete text of editorial and all papers is available to download and read at the link below:
Flamingo e1 2018 complete

List of individual papers

Paper 1
M. Anderson, P.A. Reeves & J.J. Foster
Laterality and temperature effects in flamingo resting behaviour

Paper 2
J. Brereton, L. Gardner & P.E. Rose
Does flock size affect greater flamingo sociality and vigilance in captive collections?

Paper 3
E. Mmassy, H. Maliti, A. Nkwabi, M. Mwita, A. Mwakatobe, J. Ntalwila, A. Lowassa, D. Mtui, S. Liseki & N. Lesio
Population status and trend of lesser flamingos at Lakes Natron and Manyara, Tanzania

Paper 4
P.E. Rose
The relevance of captive flamingos to meeting the four aims of the modern zoo

Paper 5
Y. Castillo Aguas, J. Hernández Rangel & M. Rodríguez Barboza
Description of Caribbean flamingo nests in the Wildlife Refuge and Fishing Reserve Ciénaga Los Olivitos

Paper 6
M. Moloney
Reintroduction of Caribbean flamingos to the Virgin Islands: Support systems for a successful colony on Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Paper 7
I. Cabaña, M.L. Steffolani, V. Lassaga, M. Michelutti, P. Michelutti & L.B. Castro
Censo aéreo de flamencos en la aguna Mar Chiquita y bañados del Río Dulce, Córdoba, Argentina, en verano e invierno del año 2018

Paper 8 (short report)
N. Baker
Counts of greater and lesser flamingos from Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Paper 9 (short report)
D. Vargiya
Five years of “Pink Celebration for Flamingos” at Porbandar, Gujarat, India

Paper 10 (short report)
C. Barisón, M. Romano, J. Asmus, I. Barberis & F. Arengo
New record of Chilean flamingos nesting at Laguna Las Tunas in south-eastern Córdoba province, Argentina

Paper 11 (short report)
D. Jomoc
Notes on the behavioural response to artificial nest mounds as environmental enrichment for greater flamingos

Paper 12 (short report)
A.S.M. Amer, M.R.J. Clokie, M.I. Junaideen, E.J. Tebbs, E. Chebii, N. Pacini & D.M. Harper
Towards understanding lesser flamingo unpredictability in East Africa; what might cause crashes of their major food item at a lake?

Paper 13 (short report)
A. Mooney, D.A. Conde, K. Healy, A. Teare & Y.M. Buckley
ZIMS and flamingo management: Moving from data to decisions

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