Flamingo 2021

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Citation: Rose, P.E., Arengo, F. & Bechet, A. (eds). (2021). Flamingo: Newsletter of the IUCN SSC Flamingo Specialist Group, volume e4, pp 1-53


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Paper 1

M.J. Anderson, K.N. Randle, D.D. Hernandez & T.S. Ritter

Lateral stamp-feeding behaviour in Caribbean flamingos

Paper 2

D. Lomas

A short history of long pink legs at Chester Zoo

Paper 3

P. Rose

Ideas for integrated flamingo conservation : One Plan Approaches, ecology, and management

Paper 4

P. Rose & P. Vaughan

Celebrating 60 years of flamingo care and a 75th anniversary for WWT

In memoriam: William G. Conway

William G. Conway

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