Flamingo 2020

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Citation. Rose, P.E. (ed). 2020. Flamingo: Newsletter of the IUCN SSC Flamingo Specialist Group, volume e3, pp 1-91

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Paper 1
A. Mauro, S.M. Whitfield, F.N. Ridgley & J.J. Lorenz
American flamingos in Florida: Updates on sightings, distributions and conservation efforts

Paper 2
F. Espinoza & L. Torres
Monitoring populations on non-breeding and breeding flamingos at Los Olivitos Wildlife Refuge and Fishing Reserve, Zulia, Venezuela

Paper 3
H.C. Delfino & O.M. Aldana-Ardila
Comments on the population status of Chilean flamingos at Lagoa do Peixe National Park, Southern Brazil

Paper 4
S. Agarwal
Fight of the flamingos for survival in the Navi Mumbai wetlands

Paper 5
B. Suhn
Enclosure alterations for improved lesser flamingo health and welfare at the Oregon Zoo

Paper 6
C. Illing, A. Downing & N. George
Substrate influence on the prevalence of bumblefoot in captive Chilean flamingos: Assessing the use of infrared thermography as a diagnostic screening tool

Paper 7
K. Pitchford
Pink birds and baseball stars… renovations of the flamingo enclosure at the Birmingham Zoo, Alabama, USA

Paper 8
G. Murphy
Hand rearing Chilean flamingo chicks at Belfast Zoo

Paper 9
M. Rendón-Martos, M.A. Rendón, A. Garrido & J.A. Amat
Breeding events of greater flamingos in southern Spain during 1865−1926

Paper 10
P. Rose
A successful first flight for International Flamingo Day, 26th April 2020

Paper 11
S. Bony
Behavioural observations to evaluate natural instinct in hand-raised rescued lesser flamingos in South Africa

Paper 12
P. Marconi, F. Arengo, A. Castro, O. Rocha, M. Valqui, S. Aguilar, I. Barberis, M. Castellino, L. Castro, E. Derlindati, M. Michelutti, P. Michelutti, F. Moschione, L. Musmeci, E. Ortiz, M. Romano, H. Sosa, D. Sepúlveda & A. Sureda
Sixth International Simultaneous Census of three flamingo species in the Southern Cone of South America: Preliminary analysis

Paper 13
A.M. Ray
Cross-fostering as a reproductive strategy for lesser flamingos at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Paper 14
E.J. van der Westhuizen-Coetzer
Lesser flamingos of Kamfers dam: A review of the rescue and developments during lockdown

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Adelheid Studer-Thiersch

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