The Flamingo Specialist Group (FSG) is a global network of flamingo specialists (both scientists and non-scientists) concerned with the study, monitoring, management and conservation of the world’s six flamingo species populations.

Its role is to actively promote flamingo research and conservation worldwide by developing conservation Action Plans for the most threatened species and by encouraging information exchange and cooperation amongst these specialists, and with other relevant organisations, particularly the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), Wetlands International, Ramsar Convention, WWF International and BirdLife International. For more information about the activities of the Flamingo Specialist Group, check out the website.


FSG membership is open without charge to flamingo specialists worldwide. Members include experts in both in-situ (wild) and ex-situ(captive) flamingo conservation, as well as in fields ranging from population surveys to breeding biology, diseases, tracking movements and data management. There are currently >235 members from 57 countries around the world, from India to Chile, and from France to South Africa.

Members are encouraged to participate in FSG activities, including the development of conservation Action Plans, for species in which they have special expertise, workshops and other international meetings. FSG members are automatically enrolled in the FSG list serve and receive Flamingo, the FSG’s newsletter. They also become members of the IUCN Species Survival Commission.

Join the Flamingo Specialist Group

If you wish to join please e-mail your name, address, contact details, and areas of special interest (species and geographic regions) to Paul Rose. We look forward to hearing from you.