Flamingo 2019

Early view articles for Flamingo 2019 will be posted here.

Final version will be published in December.


Article 1: New nesting sites of the threatened Andean flamingo in Argentina


Successful reproduction in flamingos is dependent on the availability of nesting sites for the establishment of colonies that provide both protection from predators and a suitable microclimate for the eggs and developing nestlings. The Andean flamingo (Phoenicoparrus andinus) is the rarest and most threatened flamingo species. This species makes complementary and alternative use of high Andean and lowland hypersaline wetlands in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Very few breeding places are known; located mainly in Chile and Bolivia. Our objective was to identify new nesting sites in Argentina. We report on six new breeding sites in Argentina and confirm the already cited Laguna Mar Chiquita as a breeding place for Andean flamingos. Our results highlight that isolated nesting colony locations are relatively common in Andean flamingos across their widespread range- even at lowlands places like Mar Chiquita, showing that nesting colonies not are restricted to the Andes.

Link to early view paper: Article 1 Torres et al. Flamingo e2