International Flamingo Day

Welcome to a day that is all about the pink birds. A chance to celebrate how incredible they are. And why the wetlands they live in are special places to be protected, appreciated and kept safe for birds and people alike.

Find out more about why International Flamingo Day is so important in this short video on our Facebook page.

Read more about why International Flamingo Day is about celebrating all flamingos, be they wild or captive, in this special entry for the WWT Flamingo Dairy.

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Find out which pink bird is most like you at our fun and family-friendly “what flamingo am I?” personality quiz.

International Flamingo Day posters

What to know more about how to spot each of the six different kinds of flamingo? Download our free flamingo spotting posters.

Keen to brush up on your flamingo knowledge? Want some flamingo trivia to impress your friends? Download our free “fast flamingo facts” posters, one for each species.